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We found that the majority of people began bicycle riding as part of a family experience. In contrast, the majority of people stop riding due to the discomfort associated with it.

After a ride, what is the first thing you do when you get off your bike?

Let me guess.

You stretch to relieve the pain in the butt! Sorry if I’m being too direct, it’s just that there is no delicate way around the discomfort of a butt that had just spent time on top of a bicycle seat.

Or is there?

Mr. Ilan Bourla, an engineer, among other entrepreneurial credits to his name, is also a family man born in Israel. Growing up around the hills of Jerusalem, spending hours on his bike getting around the narrow cobble stone streets helped him come up with the idea of an air cushion as a bike seat. The pictures in the old books showing a sultan sitting on an oversized cushion helped fuel his imagination. As his childhood ended, and after completing engineering school, the idea stayed with him and formed more practical solutions. It was a period in Ilan’s life here in the US when he found the time to put his idea on paper and patented the Ilan Turbo Air inflatable seat (US005244251A).

His idea was to create an air pocket between the rider and the frame. To create an air cushion which every family member would be able to take advantage of, whether a child or a football player. An adjustable air cushion which can easily be changed from very soft to very firm in seconds. One seat that will conform to every riding condition one may come upon on the street or trail. A seat that is able to customize itself to suit the rider’s needs.

A good fortune helped Ilan meet, and team up with, a pair of dedicated precision toolmakers, Little Frank and Big Frank. Ilan, together with the Franks, embarked on the mission which took them several years of performing research, manufacturing molds and tools, many of which had to be recreated over and over again, until the combination of the stainless steel tools, molds and molded poly materials were finally brought together to create the perfect air inflatable bike seat. The cushion for every sultan.

Apart from the increased comfort level experienced by the riders, and after extensive testing, one benefit not contemplated initially became evident. Less complaints about numbness after long rides. In Europe the seat was officially registered under the category of medical devices. In the US, the rules are different and we’re not allowed to make such claims.

As time passed and marketing of the seat was discussed, along with the comfort the seat brings to riding, we thought of other aspects of biking comfort. Families, groups of friends, clubs and individuals are participating in all sorts of biking activities. Whether it’s a single rider exercising or a whole family on a Sunday ride along the beach, everyone would like their riding experience to be, not just challenging, fun and entertaining, but also "comfortable". We at Comfort Bike Shop made the decision and commitment to find and make available products which we believe will increase the level of comfort for every bike rider. In addition we will find products which will expand the horizon of everyone’s fun activities. As we find new products, we will make them available through Comfort Bike Shop.

Our goal is to reach the adventurers at heart, the families and individuals who would like to enrich their lives by communicating with nature and feeling the freedom of open space or the ones looking for the challenge within themselves.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.